2014: Moose/wild game haul to lower 48: Call for moose



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  • 2014: Moose/wild game haul to lower 48: Call for moose

    Hey All -

    I know this has been a recurring topic for years and Mike/Charles/379Peterbilt of http://www.alaskameatexpress.com/ is the go to man for the job. His service is so popular though his truck is full this year already and there seems to be a large number of hunters without a (cheap) way to get their unprocessed moose meet and trophies home. Sounds like Charles has turned down some 14 hunters already. Possibly more.

    Thus I am attempting to throw together another service. Several things need to happen (1) enough hunters with moose need to still be available to make this cost effective. The distance demands roughly $12,000 in payment to east coast. So to match http://www.alaskameatexpress.com/ prices we need 15 moose at least at $800 each. I've got 2 right now. (2) I'm still looking for a hauler service. Any ideas? I don't own a rig myself.

    Looking to do this fast and at cost. No profit for me except getting my moose to PA.

    Send me a PM for my contact info.


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    Contact Gary Dumdei at Minn-Alaska trucking, owner.
    He's a friend but I have no idea of his businees other than he hauls freight to/from both of area in the name.
    Good luck and congrats on your moose.
    BK Marine Services 232-6399
    Alaskas only Planar diesel heaters dealer, service, warranty, and installation.
    Alaskas only Lonestar drum winch dealer, Whirlwind props, Stinger gearbox, and Alumatech airboats.


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      I've had to turn hunters away when my trailer was full as Charlie is doing now. We HATE doing that but when the trailer is full, regrettably we have no choice. This year, he filled up available space by Fri Sept 19th, the earliest that has ever happened. Years ago when I started this meat haul I figgured there'd be the demand to run two trucks up at some point. Looks like we're now there.

      You can still split your racks and mail them home and try to get a cooler of steaks on the plane as baggage. Not what you wanted to hear, I know.

      I hope you find luck in plan B or C, whatever that may be.



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        BK, I gave Gary a call. He wasn't interested. thanks for the lead though.


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          So I've got a truck and driver, courtesy of Charlie's network, but we need to fill the truck to make it cost effective for the hunters and the driver. ~22 moose. I've got about 4 right now.

          Basically, I need moose and hunters who want them moved. Please get in touch with me asap and spread the word. I know a lot of hunter's are just getting out of the bush and forum posts are not the best way to communicate. Let me know if you have suggestions.



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            For next year 2015 - Charlie is going to try to get two trucks together since there seems to be demand. We just need the hunters to reach out before they start hunting since it is too difficult to coordinate on the back side. http://www.alaskameatexpress.com/


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