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  • How close is too close?

    I'll keep this short and as unbiased as possible. So there I was sitting on a side slough of the main river all set up for a long sit, and maybe a little nap, when I hear a boat coming. No big deal boats come and go all day long on popular rivers, but this one shut down close. After about 15-20 minutes I fired up to go see what was going on. Well they set up about 300 yards from where I was sitting. Not a big deal, yet, they could not see me from where they were. I pulled along side of them and let them know I was already set up just a few hundred yards down river and they were looking, had their guns pointed in my direction. Their response to me was that they would get the moose here and I would get the moose back where I was. At this point I didn't know what to do so I went back to my spot and stewed on it. After realizing they had no problem aiming in my direction I decided to do some much needed clearing with my very loud chain saw and leave. Was this the proper way to handle this situation?

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    Gun safety issues notwithstanding, I would have just went back to my stand and continued my day. Chainsaws don't really bother moose.


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      brandishing a weapon is illegal, I believe....
      Sorry you had to deal with idiots like that

      Perhaps howling like a wolf would have been more effective than the chainsaw. LOL
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        300 yards is pretty tight unless they were actually in your hunting group and folks knew where each other were. Sorry to hear of the crowding, those interactions always taint the day.

        I'd definitley not want to hunt moose that tight to someone unless it was part of the strategy. ONe would feel kinda silly as you sit there trading calls with that group......not that it would hurt the odds of a moose coming in period, but it would cut your odds in half.

        Waiting on a river for bou, sitting waiting for deer...... folks within a quarter mile is one thing but for moose, unless the entire river was jammed with guys, they crowded you pretty good.


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