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  • Transporter/equip rental complaints?

    What are avenues for complaining about the services that were not provided but promised from a transporter camp equipment rental company?

    Some friends of my neighbor hired a transporter out by the Yetna for a moose hunt. He has a list of equipment that he was to provide them for their week long self guided hunt, several key items were not provided and the transporter allowed their meat from a young bull moose (3 brows) to rot. One of the key items was water.

    The hunters contacted the troopers, but were told that the requirements for salvaging the meat have been met and that they would have to take up the matter in civil court if they felt it necessary.

    Too bad that this thing happens as I feel it gives the industry a bad name. These guys are experienced elk hunters, one of which is a guide in Wyoming. The 4 of them paid a pretty high price (2 hunters, 2 just camping) for their experience to hunt on the Yetna.

    The only thing that I could think of was to report it to the BBB. Are there any other courses of action that they can take besides the civil courts? Could they file a civil suit and not be required to return to Alaska (as that puts the costs too high to pursue that avenue).

    There are a lot more details that cause concern about the lack of services that this transporter promised but did not provide. Had it not been for some very nice locals that brought these 4 people water each day they would have had a very hard time with this hunt.

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    This state helped me in the past when Lithia gave me a hard time. They took over and I was very pleased at the outcome. (BBB was useless....also file a complaint on YELP)
    Might work for your friends situation as well.

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      Contact the Big Game Commercial Services Board in Juneau, they are the board that oversees Transporters and Guides.


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        Was it the transporter company that promised to rent the gear and provide the water? It is my understanding from the Big Game Commercial Services regulations that transporters are not allowed to rent any gear/equipment or lend any assistance to a hunter as that would then be called outfitting, which requires a different license. Any concerns of this type should be sent to the Big Game Commercial Services Board. Email all the board members.


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          This forum is the best place to let folks know when service is bad (PM's). Please understand there are lots of ways things can go south and not be the transporters or outfitters fault..

          Example: I had a group who did not bring sleeping bags and felt it was my fault because they rented a drop camp. My web site clearly states that i do not supply stove fuel or sleeping bags. This is a situation where a client made a mistake but could run me down online quickly. I solved the problem by GoldStreaking 3 sleeping bags to Kotz via Alaska Air. When dealing with an outfitter/transporter you really need to take a look at how/where things went bad. Was the weather a factor? Did the transporter/outfitter do his best to accommodate the client? Most of us will bend over backwards to help the client as our business is reputation driven.

          When I have contacts ask for recommendations or references I shoot them here so they can ask the question on the forum..."Has anyone worked with Northwest Alaska Back Country Outfitters?" Unsolicited and private and normally honest.

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            This fella has an outfitters license. I thought the same thing when I started talking with them.

            If anyone wants to know the name - PM me.


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              Be honest with the problem. Did the outfitter correct he problem?


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                Absolutely, he did not correct the problem. This group of hunters were not the only ones that had major issues with him, but during the same timeframe another group of hunters got the screws put to them. I have received a couple PM's and this outfitters business and personal ethics leave much to be desired.


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