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Ammo Suggestions for Caribou

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  • Ammo Suggestions for Caribou

    I am going on a Mulchatna Caribou herd hunt with my father in law the end of next week. My dad is loaning me his 300 WSM Weatherby Vanguard for the hunt because my 308 needs a new scope, and my 300 Weatherby needs a new trigger and needs a scope to be mounted. I have order scopes, a scope mount, and a timney trigger. None of them will get here in time for me to install them and sight in the scopes. So what grain 300 WSM bullet should I use? Right now I have a box of 165 grain and a box of 180 grain. I have done trips to the range with both. I am leaning more towards using 165 grain ammo because my dad dropped an elk at 350 yards using 165 grain ammo with the rifle. I am planning on getting hopefully three more trips to the range before I go so I can sight in the rifle and get some practice before I go. Also, if I am unsuccessful I am probably going to try again in December when I head out to Dillingham again for Christmas. By then I should have my both my 308 and 300 Weatherby both good to go. Which would be a better option for Caribou?

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    Whichever loading the rifle shoots most accurately.
    Any well constructed bullet at either grain weight will easily dispatch a caribou (I killed a brown bear with a 165 grain bullet out of my .06 earlier this month)
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      Which is more accurate? shoot a few of each and determine whats gonna hit the best, where you want. Then shoot the animal in the proper place, either round is more than enough to down a Caribou, as said above........ Placement is the key, the bullet the weapon, everything else is just getting the weapon to the animal.

      Use the more accurate rifle/round/load.
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        Caribou are not particularly hard to bring down so use whatever bullet weight your gun shoots the best, that being said I prefer a tough bullet and have used the tsx over the years with excellent results but there are other solid copper/ bonded core bullets that work well too.......................
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          with the 1-11 twist of the rifle I would lean towards the 180's....

          but for that hunt, with that rifle, there really isn't a bad choice...

          sight in about 2" high, and yuo would be good out to 400 yards or so...

          good luck, and post photos



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            My wifes Mark II Ruger 300WSM just loves Federal Classic (blue box)180gr Noslers. It dumps moose and caribou with ease, even at 300yds. For her gun, they're super accurate.


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              Like everyone else has said- whichever it shoots best, you won't notice a difference in trajectory or terminal performance at practical ranges... I would stick with a bonded bullet, TSX type or a Partition vs. a cup and core bullet, but that's me.

              I've dispatched a pile of caribou with the .300WSM and the 180gr Accubond at 2950fps.
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                Honestly, any standard bullet between 150 & 200 grains will be great bou medicine. I would maybe prefer 150s or 165s, just to nurse a little extra range out of it. I find myself shooting usually around 200 yards or so at bou. It would be nice to have bullet drop be negligible at that range.

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                  Thanks for the info. I will try a couple different ammo options when I head to the range this weekend. To be honest I don't see myself trying to take any shots over 250 yards because to be honest anything over that is beyond my comfort range for getting a clean shot. I would rather go home empty handed then wound an animal due to poor shot placement.


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                    my son just shot a dandy of a bull moose with his .308 shooting the 165 grain accubonds. The exit wound on his shot was one of the biggest I've seen. Incredible performance.
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                      You will get lots of opinions, but I bet anything that goes BANG will do the job.


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