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Diy moose hunt renfro's alaskan adventures

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  • Diy moose hunt renfro's alaskan adventures

    Going on my first DIY moose hunt in Alaska . Using RENFRO's ALASKAN ADVENTURES as my taxi. Spoke with the owner Wade and his mother Sharon. Really nice people, looking forward to my hunt with them. The hunt is a ridge hunt, from sept 15th to sept 25th. Any advice you could throw my way would be much APRECIATED (good, bad or indifferent ) Thank you Jon C.

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    What is a "ridge hunt"?
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      Originally posted by bkmail View Post
      What is a "ridge hunt"?
      They land you on a ridge. Can u guess what a lake hunt is?


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        lake hunt is where you land at Lake hood ?? ya?

        I went on a DIY rock hunt this fall.

        All I seen was rocks. They was Leaverites tho - luckily as my pack was already very heavy!


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          Have you done any DIY hunts in Alaska?

          Can you pack 100-150 lb moose hind-quarter from where-ever you shoot it back to the ridge where the plane will pick you up? I think I could maybe roll one into a boat from a gravel bar, but I ain't totin' it far on my back.

          If you are going to be up high, your main problem (other than the physicality of hunting on hills) is going to be water - where to get it. When I went on my caribou hunt (lake side hunt) that wasn't a problem, but I spoke with a couple of guys that were heading in from a ridge-type caribou hunt and that was their main complaint - finding enough water.

          Have you done any DIY hunts in Alaska?

          If I, as a non-resident, were to go after grizzly/brown bears, I'd pick Renfro's.


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            I used to fly with Renfro's several times a month for an old job. They got a nice setup there in Bethel, the pilots were real good. Numerous times we would circle around to check out giant bulls we would see on the Yukon and Kuskokwim. They've (their clients) taken some monster animals up there. If you put one down be prepared to WORK. Have you hunted in Alaska before?
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              Go git you one. You don't have to have hunted in Alaska before. I did it when I was just a measeley little elk hunter. We gotter did and it was done right.

              Just think elk - times 2. Limit yourself to two miles from where the plane can land. Don't stink up the country the first few days. Find a chunk of high ground and spot and call and call and spot.


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                Never said he had to hunt in Alaska before... He's gonna have an opportunity at some big bulls. Was just inquiring as to his experience hunting in this great state. At any rate, good luck to you knuck39!
                Not all those who wander, are lost.


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                  Good luck.

                  And remember...the antlers come out last.

                  (bring your favorite spice blend and roast some ribs over a willow fire)
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                    Good luck and please take notes. I'm doing his drop hunt next season.


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                      Thank you for the advice and kind wishes.
                      No I have never hunted Alaska before, but I have hunted northern Canada, eastern Canada and Utah. I understand it may take up to 3 days to get my quarters to the makeshift landing strip, but I'm lucky enough to have 2 lads accompany me on this trip with strong backs. One of them is a fantastic photographer, so if we're lucky enough to see some nice bulls, I will DEFINATELY share the photos.


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                        Just curious... How did your hunt go? I live in TX and will be relocating to AK next year. The type of hunting we do down here is completely different and I have been learning a TON of stuff on this forum about hunting in AK. A DIY moose hunt is very fascinating to me and would like to try it sometime. I will probably end up plopping down the $ for a guided hunt, at least the first time (so I don't orphan my kids haha). Still, I'd like to know how it turned out for you.


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                          Everyone has there own way of packing a hind quarter remember they will run in the area of as little as 150# up to 200#. Sit and read the regs on how to cut and what you have to bring and and how. You can't debone quarter, A set of good meat bags, and I prefer a Skedco to slide quarters out instead of carrying them unless your in a swamp. Find out what the charter will grant you to carry in weight will go along way in prepping / planning your hunt.
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                            yep, agree with the plastic sled on a ridgeline hunt. You'll appreciate dragging it over tundra vs packing on your back. Also, consider bringing 40-lbs of water (5 gal) unless there's tundra pond near camp. If water is available and it isn't flowing...bring and use water purification. You can make 5 gallons go a long ways if you conserve use and consumption.

                            Bring paper plates and burn them to ash vs relying on washing dishes if water is scarce.

                            Pack in a swathe of ThermARest closed cell foam pad for a butt pad while glassing in moist veg.

                            Go with an external packframe for bringing meat back to well as the small lightweight sled.

                            Good luck! Wade has served me well on dozens of flights for hunting and fishing. Been using him for at least 10 years, even when he used to fly for PapaBear.



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                              Originally posted by magpie View Post
                              They land you on a ridge. Can u guess what a lake hunt is?
                              Hahahaha. Leave it to Magpie to drop an asinine statement like this
                              Grab a friend, a rifle and go hunt.


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