Coleen and Sheenjek Free Float out- Fly In and Pick up



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  • Coleen and Sheenjek Free Float out- Fly In and Pick up

    To anyone who may be interested I was contacted by a Air Taxi who is looking to have a couple of people float out some gear from both rivers. He is potentially offering taking people from Fairbanks to each location and having them float out rafts / catarafts to a different take out point 2-4 day float.

    Basically he would drop you off on the river you bring your own camping gear, float out the rafts and pick you back up on the river 20-30 miles lower and bring you back to Fairbanks.

    If this interest you call Jeff @ Bushwacker Air 458-8515 or

    If nothing else it is a free trip in and out from what I was told plus a little float hunting. I think he is looking for a total of 4 people. However as stated contact him for the details I just told him I would help by posting as much as I could remember from a Sat Phone conversation. Plans and conditions may have changed so contact him.


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    Wow, would like to jump on that one.
    Vegetables aren’t food, vegetables are what food eats.


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      Me too, only if I had a babysitter.


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        Me too, if the offer included next year's season. Already filled my tags for this year.


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          Jeff at Bushwacker had someone back out still looking for two people for the Sheenjeck.


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            Did the sheenjak last year year...good river and great hunt, would do that one again...wish I had read this a week ago...oh well...good luck...


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              Sounds like a done deal. Looks like he's got a Plan B for the Sheenjek and doesn't need any more people.


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                Moose, if that happens again holler you got my digits (or pass them to him for future ref)! I'm still on leave till the 29th, dunno if he's still looking. Just got home from chasing skeeters lol. Man if I saw this earlier I would have jumped at the chance!!!!!

                I don't get on here much anymore so holler.

                [email protected] is my email.


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