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  • Hunting season dates

    When does "hunting season" officially end? Everyone seems to disappear around this time and im just curious when I will be able to get some things done lol.

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    Hunting season doesn't end....really... It doesn't
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      There is something to hunt just about year around. Hopefully it stays that way!


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        While I look at it the same way as Abel and AK Bearcat, the majority of hunters put in their effort between August 10th and September 20th. There are significant exceptions to that, especially in deer country - but that's when most folks are out chasing moose, caribou, sheep, and such.


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          If you're hunting ducks it ain't over till almost the end of Dec.

          Just depends on what you're hunting.....
          Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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            Hunting season for deer ends January 31st down here. Most deer down here are taken in November/December by beach hunters once the snow flies. Once the deer are out starving on the beach everyone somehow turns into an professional hunter.:shot:

            Goat hunting in Kodiak runs all the way til March!


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              Doesn't end. Off to Oregon for elk. Then NY for whitetails in Nov.

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                Thank you Brian, I think its the moose, caribou and sheep that have all the super cubs out and every one taking vacation and disappearing into the woods. So it sounds like that will be over soon. It also gets a little scary over the valley, all it takes is like 10 planes in the air between Sutton, palmer and Wasilla to make for some close calls.


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                  Ive pulled the trigger in every month except July.


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                    Here in Unit 23 "Hunting Season" starts july 1st and ends June 30 the next year, but a new licenses is due to be bought on Jan 1st, and renewed a year later.....gotta carry two sets of bird stamps is what it ammounts to and some tickets that go through a winter, one year into the next.
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