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  • Carter Lake-Kenai

    Anyone done any fall bears up in that area or seen any numbers hiking. Looking to expand my playground this fall and maybe spend a few days up in that area spiking. Only have 4 days to play this time before my dad shows up from Ohio, then it'll be a week of floating the Kenai mostly.
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    I visit carter quite a bit in the fall, and have taken one black bear form there a number of years ago. This time of year its hard not to find bears in that area. just glass the alpine area (they are generally feeding on berries), and be prepared to bushwack and climb.


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      Abel, PM sent
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        Love that area, but have only hunted by the lake once. Didn't see any bears that day, but they should be there - all of the other mountains around there are crawling with them, so Carter should be a good option.


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