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  • reporting lat and longs

    seems like last year I had to report the lat and long of the successful Denali Highway caribou hunt I did (DC482). But there's no place on my moose harvest ticket to report the moose I shot yesterday. Do you only have to report the lat and longs on draw hunts?

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    Send them to me, I can pass them along for you


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      I had a 483 permit last year. I believe it ASKS for lat long. Not a requirement. I'm not sure any permit requires lat/long.
      Providing lat/long gives enforcement more opportunity to check your kill site and decide, in their opinion, if you salvaged all the meat, complied with all the regs, etc. etc.
      If you file your hunt report several days after the kill, likely it would be impossible to seriously cite anyone. But no use in making it easy.
      Wildlife management is not an exact science. Providing a drainage, landmark, etc. is plenty for purposes of management.
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