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Contact info for orphaned moose calf program?

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  • Contact info for orphaned moose calf program?

    Does anyone know who we can contact regarding orphaned moose calves? We are pretty sure that a cow to two very young calves was harvested today and the calves are pretty young, don't appear quite sure as to what to do with themselves

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    Look up Alaska moose Federation on the net. Probably best to let them be.


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      Found this on the ADF&G site:
      When should I call for help?

      If you observe a lone calf or cub over an extended period of time, or you believe there is a safety concern, please feel free to contact ADF&G for help:
      1. First call your local area management wildlife biologist. If you donít know who that is, you can ask at your local Alaska Department of Fish and Game office.
      2. Other helpful contacts:
        • The departmentís Division of Wildlife Conservation, Permits Section in Juneau, (907) 267-2253
        • The Division of Wildlife Conservation Headquarters in Juneau, (907) 465-4190
        • Local wildlife troopers (look in the phone book under State of Alaska, Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement)
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        The Alaska Moose Federation or the Alaska Wildlife Federation has no authority and are not the contacts for orphaned or injured wildlife. The info that AKmyles provided above is accurate.

        If the observation/situation occurs after business hours you should call the Alaska State Troopers.

        In the Mat-Su the number would 746-6300 (DFG) and 352-5401 (AWT)


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          This springs moose calves most likely won't make it on their own without the cow, sometimes another cow will adopt the calves. Sometimes they are killed after being reported. Just my personal opinion...the harvest of cows with calves should really not be allowed 'anywhere' in Alaska.


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            Contact info for orphaned moose calf program?

            That is not necessarily true. Calves can have high survival even without the cows in developed areas such as 14a and 14c.They are typically weaned by about now and these areas offer a good diversity of forage in a relatively predator free environment. Even in high snow years like 2011 survival has been high in 14a.
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              I wasn't being area specific for the mortality rate on calves without the cow. I think that a calf with a cow, would have a better chance at survival than one that wasn't with the cow...wherever they may be.


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