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2 Questions about Haul Road btwn Wiseman and Atigun

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  • 2 Questions about Haul Road btwn Wiseman and Atigun

    Wondering if anyone can answer 2 quick questions about the Haul road between Wiseman and Atigun pass.

    1. Is there cell phone service? I have AT&T as a carrier.
    2. Is the koyukuk river crossable right now on foot? Or will I need a raft or canoe.

    thanks for the insight.

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    1. No cell service.
    2. I definitely wouldn't try to cross it on foot.


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      1.) Occasionally I have been able to drive up into the pump station driveways (not all the way) or Wiseman camp and get my OnStar Truck phone to call out. But not consistently, so I wouldn't rely on it. The best way to assure you can make a call up there is a satellite phone, and even then you may have to do some searching to find a satellite that will work. Coldfoot also has a payphone that you can buy phone cards to use, and deadhorse has a phone as well. But other then that No cell service that I've ever found.

      2.) I wouldn't rely on crossing it by foot, but that's just me. Some days its doable, but I wouldn't rely on it.


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        Thanks guys. Appreciate the intel!


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          Cell service around deadhorse. You can always take a phone card and call from cold foot as well. I always do that to give my wife a 5-6 hour heads up to prep the kitchen or whatever. Careful crossing the river. Gates of the arctic is over there too ....


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            More questions about caribou along the haul road

            We are planning a late sept caribou hunt along the haul road. So far the only concrete intel we've gotten is from adf&g biologist. She suggested a hunt to the east side of the road north of the. Influence of the Sag and Ribdon. That means a canoe or raft to get across the Sag. We will be rifle hunting so we have to get 5 miles off the road.
            I'll take lots of advice and helpful hints. Thanks.


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              Not sure if I'd bank on the bou being in that spot. They may but they are bou. They are where you find them. They don't listen well to biologists. Beware of rutting bulls. The meat is inedible. Take your snowshoes and plan on it being cold. Really cold. Just in case. It might not be but it sure can be.


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                Thanks Sambuck12. She did say that the Central herd could be headed towards the south side of the brooks by then. But we are game on. I work on the slope so have got some idea what the weather could bring. Crappy would be freezing rain and windy. Been there done that!!!


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                  hey al this is derrick we met up north. any luck on a moose. all i seen is one nice bull that i couldn't get to leave his cows and four wolves


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