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ATV recovery questions/help?

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    .338 Thats the plan... Except I already filled my tag when we went up there before!!! I shot a cow last weekend.


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      You absolutely did the right thing. Monument is nothing to scoff at at times. I nearly had a disaster there last fall with my heavily loaded Ranger and trailer with my bride on board and her bou. Rained extensively and was torn up bad near the bottom. Kicked sideways and I plowed a few alders but kept her going. I also overheated big time going up there this summer (fan died) right after what I call "seat cushion knoll" at the top of the really steep area at the bottom (you can figure out why I call it that ). I've seen people tow a wheeler up there (one in front, one behind) but looked sketchy and that was during a dry spell).

      Go back in, fix it, and drive it out unless you find someone with a big rig willing to help out (sorry for your bad experience at the beginning, I really don't understand some people's kids).

      The plus side is your fiance has learned that hunting does not involve "sitting in camp drinking beer and eating Chetos with your buddies" and that sometimes stuff happens that prevents you from getting back to civilization at the precisely prescribed time you indicated and that is not necessarily reason to start hyperventilating.


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        The machine is home safe and sound! We got back and found our water, gas cans, tent, and wheeler all left exactly how we left it. The tie rod end was incredibly easy to put on. Getting the old one off on the other hand took a lot of rust buster and elbow grease. Thank you everyone for the input and my decision to leave the machine worked out good for us this time. Be safe out there!



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