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The Dalton,(haul road ) conditions,

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  • The Dalton,(haul road ) conditions,

    I lost my brother-in-law up there last night. Not sure if it was weather related or fatiuge but it was a single vehicle accident.

    He was'nt hunting, he was working and was heading south to see his family and to get parts, (working at Galblert) in Fairbanks, not sure what happened yet.

    Heres a warning to be prepared for tho.

    Man all slow down, I don't know what else to say. Be safe.

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    Really sorry to hear that, a very sad reminder as to how quick things can go bad. My condolences to all his loved ones.


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      So truly sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family. This is a very stark reminder of how quickly our loved ones can be gone. Godbless


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        Thanks akstormin and Ak, he's been, was in the family for over 20 years, been a bad day.

        Just wanted to let people know of how like you say that things can go wrong faster than you can take them back, be safe all and slow down and have a safe hunt on the road.


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          Very sorry for your loss Sir. My condolences.


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            Sorry to hear it, thanks for the reminder.

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              So sorry to hear of this tragedy. You will all be included in my prayers tonight. Lets all be safe.


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                Second one this week in the same area.

                Not sure why they are not posting an artical on (Mark Garwood) yet, probably still doing an investigation.

                Be careful up there all.


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                  I'm so sorry for your loss Skipper. My girlfriend and I will be praying for you and your family.


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