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  • WACH Report-Sept 1st!!

    Ok guys this will need to be a quick one as I have a bow hanging in the wood shed and I ned to get cutting!

    I have received dozens of emails and calls asking about animal movement up in unit 23. Not much to report to be 100% truthful. As most of you know the fall season up in unit 23 has come later in the past 6-8 years and the animals just don't move until the weather forces them to start the South trek. We use to book hunts as early as Labor Day Weekend back in 2003 ish but I keep my guys out of the country until Sept. 9th or so these days all because of the warmer fall Kotz now sees.

    Weather is beginning to turn. This weekend was nasty in Kotz with very few planes flyingFriday/Saturday. Temps are starting to drop and the seasonal rains that signal the onset of fall have arrived. The animals are still north but with the weather changing we should start seeing early groups moving south over the Brooks in the next 8 days as long as we don't see an Indian summer set in. Very important that you guys heading up prepare for wet weather. Pack sox and make sure none are cotton. I go through 4-5 pairs of sox because they get wet. Boots. Do you have a second pair? Extra-Tuffs are a great back up boot.

    I will write a 3rd edition when we start to get reports of animal movement. Most of you early guys will be in the upper Noatak and remember if you are doing a float hunt that raft is only a Taxi to move you from unproductive country into more productive. Very few guys actually hunt out of a raft. Unit 23 is wide open counter once you get out of the river valley. The best way to hunt that country is to find a good high spot and do some serious Bino work. The ability to see 5-6 miles in all directions and having high quality glass makes the hunt.

    Good luck and send me some pics!

    Northwest Alaska Back Country Outfitters
    Drop Camps and Float Hunts
    Unit 23-Kotzebue
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    Looks like a fine time!


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      Anyone have any info? Last I heard they were wayyyy up north. I hope they get the lead out by the 16th

      Oh and hey Walt, congrats on the Bou! Post a couple pics.


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        I never pack a camera guys... Most of what I post is from my groups and what they have done. Come visit my wall or fame at my house in Gakona and I will show ya what was worth packing out. Shot a lot of bow over the years but have only taken 6-8 racks home.


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          Just returned a couple days ago. We all got nice bulls when the weather was nasty, but the bou movement dried up as soon as the weather improved. Fortunately, we already had all we could fly out. Most of the bou were well over an hour out of Kotz, thus more $ for time in the air.


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            Their crossing at Onion Portage in full strength right now, and Im eating a bowl of Caribou soup to prove it
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              right on!!

              Originally posted by strangerinastrangeland View Post
              Their crossing at Onion Portage in full strength right now, and Im eating a bowl of Caribou soup to prove it
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