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Help with deciding on spotting scope

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  • Help with deciding on spotting scope

    I bought the Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting scope in 15-45x60 but, I am VERY tempted to exchange it for the same scope in 20-60x80. I checked them both out, done A LOT of research and both seem to be VERY good scopes I just can't decide on which to purchase? Will both be ok for counting brow tines? Am I over thinking this or is the 20-60x80 really worth the extra money? PLEASE help lol

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    It's not about the money. No question the 80mm is always going to be better. It's about the weight difference and how far you will be walking with it.


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      Thanks Tyrex13. I decided to get the 80mm


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        As far as I'm concerned, a guy's optics can not have enough light gathering ability.....usually the best hunting is at first and last light......right? Thus, the larger objective lens, the greater the light comes in for better viewing during those conditions.
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          VORTEX cant go wrong my good friend has Swarovski's we placed them side by side on solid tripods and out of a group of 7 people looking at close range and at a distance of over a mile there was no diffrent that anyone could really tell it was the same with the bino's. then if you look at the super warranty and outstanding customer service you can't go wrong.

          Vortex Viper 20X60X80 spotting scope
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