November Kodiak Goat hunt...worth it? Advice?



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  • November Kodiak Goat hunt...worth it? Advice?

    I might be leaving Southeast here in November to head to Kodiak to visit friends. I'de like to get out while I'm up there and do some hunting. I might not get out for a goat hunt down here this year, and with the booming Kodiak population, I'de love a chance at a goat up there.

    So if I'm not mistaken RG480 is a registration hunt for the entire season, and the remainder Units start as Draw hunts, and then starting November they change to registration hunts? Forgive my draw-hunt ignorance, we have no draw hunts where I am at.

    I can shoot all the deer I want down here in SE, so I'de be more interested in a goat by then. Is it worth trying for a goat that time of year? Have they started dropping elevation? I might have access to a boat, but is going off the road system productive?

    If anyone has any advice for me as far as getting into some goats around that time; I'de sure appreciate it. Have experience with them down here in southeast, but Kodiak is totally alien to me; and any advice you all are willing to give I'm thankful for. Feel free to PM me instead.

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    Should be on or near the beach and the hair would be fantastic. I have not hunted them there during that time though. You would want a boat based hunt I would think.


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      IMO there are better goat hunts in southeast on the mainland.
      2/3 on the mainland.

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        I know there are other areas to hunt goats down here in Southeast, but since we may be visiting friends up in Kodiak anyways, it seems like a good opportunity to try for a goat up there. I guess I'll see if I can put together some boat access hunting. I probably wouldn't be able to pass up a 3x3 blacktail if I saw one either.


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          If the weather is "kind" enough to you, and you can still get to them because the snow allows you to, any Nov. goat is worth going for.....imo. You really can't beat the hide on a Nov. goat. All I can say is........think cotton balls with legs.
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            Contact Jeff at Andrews Air. He will tell you where they are and how to hunt them.


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              Now Goat hunting is Kodiak is way easier than what I experienced when I lived in Ketch, terrain is way easier, lot more goats as well, but I liked the tuffer terrain and the views better in SE mainland honestly. Unit 480, fly down, most likely have to land in the salt, kill 2 goats and come home. Units 471-476 go to a reg hunt Nov1st, but you have to go over to Port Lions to get tags, any weapon hunt, also motor vehilce use retricted, can't fly into the upper lakes and they will be freezing up by then. Rg478/79 are the road tags. Archery only, must have archery cert to do it, get tags here at ADFG in Kodiak. No need for a boat foro any of these hunts, goat's won;t be on the beaches unless we get seriously dumped on agian, if its like it was last year goats will still be up high. Last day of season last year and I was still at 2200 feet, yes, that's still high for Kodiak. Crampons are a must tho. But if you have access to a car you can get to the goats.
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