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Getting meat home from Kodiak

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  • Getting meat home from Kodiak

    I'm heading down to Deadman Bay in Nov. for a deer / goat hunt with a friend of mine. Any insider tips on the best way to get meat back to Anchorage would be much appreciated. I will have access to a full meat locker, butcher house while in the field since I will be at Alpine Cove cabins. We're flying two of us in a beaver... so we should be able to take our fare share of animals home. I was thinking of filling a cooler or two and just paying the extra airfare surcharge on bags. If you have a better way, let me know.

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    I've used ACE Air cargo a few times.


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      Fill large coolers of meat, weighing 99#. It will be 75.00 per cooler on Alaska Airlines.


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        We use cheap plastic totes,, freeze the meat the night before at the hotel, zip tie the lids on or tape. Make sure they weigh 99 lbs or less. Tote travel with you, done this many times and will do the same again next month.
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