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My first hunt....

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  • My first hunt....

    Hey guys,

    I've tagged along on many hunts all over, but am doing my first hunt this year. I put in for the lottery last winter and got a Caribou tag that is DC827. I have a friend with a plane and he's willing to fly me in and hunt with me, but needs me to figure out where to go. Any advice?

    I'm really excited about this and hope that with a little of your advice and a lot of hard work I can be successful!


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    Not familiar with the area or hunt, but have fun, be safe, and make lots of good memories!

    Looking forward to pictures and story!

    Taxidermy IS art!
    Your mount is more than a trophy, it's a memory. Relive The Memory!


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      My wife and I hunted that area last year and she shot a nice bull. No need to fly in but if you have the means go for it.


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        Please give us an area as my old mind hasn't got all these numbers memorized and the booklet is a pain to dig through.



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          Thank you, guys!

          Vern, it is unit 20A.

          bigskyguy, do you think we would be better off not flying?


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            I don't necessarily think you'd be "better off". If your friend has the plane and is comfortable landing in the bush I say go for it. Go for a flight a week or so before the opener and find out where the herd is and then go from there.

            Flying just adds extra logistical stuff to the whole endeavor (fuel, weather, locating a strip etc...). Personally I like to keep things as simple as possible.

            My wife and I hiked in a non-motorized area, got up high, glassed, and cut em' off.

            Make sure that if you're going to cross any of Ahtna's land you get a permit. Google earth is your friend and look for places where animals would travel from valley to valley ie. choke points.

            Good luck out there.


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              Fly in... access off the road is limited, and getting crowded.

              There are some giant bulls in that unit, doubtful you'll see one near the road.

              Good luck on your hunt.


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                Beware of military closures!


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                  Are the closures only in the areas on the map marked "military closure" or do they use larger areas up there?


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                    Bambistew - I can't message you back because your inbox is full.


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                      Google on: USARTRAK sportsmans home....go into maps.....Moose hunt map etc.


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                        I have never hunted it but if you have access to a plane and someone willing to fly I say fly the day before and find out where they are. You can't shoot till the next day but eyes in the sky the day before to get you pointed in the right direction and to get a lay of the land would add leaps and bounds to you knowledge and help lead to better chances of getting one.


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                          Thanks, Sam. That is good advice.

                          My friend has a Cessna 182, so he says he needs more room to land and was hoping I'd have some good ideas for him. Hopefully flying over it will give us a view of some good strips!



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