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    Got back last night from our North Slope caribou trip. Drove up the Haul Road on 19 August, got to Happy Valley about 3:00 pm. The road was in surprisingly good shape, a couple miles of construction around Toolik. We weren't supposed to be flown in till 20 August, but 70 North was ahead of schedule so they were able to get us in a day early...which worked out great for us. Bob (our pilot) was awesome! We each got a nice bull before noon the next day, and then we had to play the waiting game getting back out. We got out on Thursday (21 August), and started driving what a difference a couple days made!! The road was a ridiculous sloppy mess all the way south to Dietrich Camp. The surface of the road was like oatmeal on top of a washboard. It was crazy!!!! Not many road hunters around...a couple camps near Ice Cut. We didn't see a single caribou on the road.

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    "We didn't see a single caribou on the road."

    Road hunting aint what it used to be.......~~LOL!!~~ Glad ya found 'em on the Tundra, Frostbitten.
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