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    Is there any good information out there on the Delta Bison herd? I have been told all the big bulls (B&C) are gone, is this true? I would also like to know who has the best land to hunt on. Is it worth hunting the creek bottoms? I am also a college student and would like to know if there is any place in town with a wi/fi connection?

    Thanks for the information,

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    This may sound like a dumb question, but do you have a tag? Sorry, but I think if you were lucky enough to draw this tag you wouldn't be as concerned about B&C-you should just count your lucky stars. Most of your other questions can be answered with a quick search--google is your friend.


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      I recommend that you read some tips that I posted a few years back.
      I guarantee that not all the big bulls are gone. Keep in mind that you will likely never encounter the whole herd, just smaller groups from the herd. Your biggest challenge is more likely to be just identifying any bull in the herd if they are on the move. If you drew a bull permit, be thankful and then enjoy your hunt. Which fields to hunt depnds on the mood of the bison and the time of the year. I would suggest that you want to get permission to hunt fields all across the agricultural project and cover as much ground as possible while on the lookout.


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        The tags are either sex this year.
        Many of the better fields have been fenced to keep bison out so movement patterns are changing rapidly.
        The Public Library has Wi-Fi.
        Not much for creek bottoms other than Gerstle River.


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          If you drew the tag then you should get a list of farmers in the area that allow hunting. Some do charge a fee. The fences only routed them along the fence line. A friend of mine shot a dandy bull out there last year. He is in the hunting reg book for unit 20. It was the biggest bull they had seen in a while at ADF&G in Delta. The best thing is to be in the right place at the right time. Good luck if you drew.


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            Great to hear from you. You helped a friend of mine get a bull there a few years back. I will be heading up Oct. 3-12th. Thanks for the info on the library. My last college class is during this time so I can't lay off of it now.


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