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  • Hunter Ed / Firearm Safety

    Spring bear season is close to over, the kids are out of school and not much in the way of hunting going on until August. How about signing them up for and joining them in a Hunter Education course? If they’re “not ready” yet, how about sitting them down and talking to them about firearms and firearms safety? Even if you don’t have guns in the house, or the guns and ammunition is safely locked away … what about a friends, neighbors or relatives houses – or their kids for that matter?

    This is predicated on a tragic event that claimed the life of an 8-year-old girl earlier this week and continuous need to further educate our children (and ourselves).

    If you need some help getting the information together, I’d be happy to help. It doesn’t have to be a “formal” class either – just a good talk. Please. Thanks.

    Type: Death Investigation
    Text: On June 13, 2006, at 7:29 pm, Alaska State Troopers in Nome received a report from XXX Xxxx Xxxxx of Saint Michael that Xxxx Xxxxxxx, age 8 (correct), of Saint Michael had been found dead in the attic of her residence. XXXX Xxxx Xxxxxxxx from Stebbins responded to Saint Michael and assisted in securing the scene until Troopers from Nome arrived. Initial investigation indicates that Xxxx Xxxxxxx was in the attic with her six-year-old brother when they located their father’s 12-gauge shotgun. Witness interviews and scene investigation suggest that the six year old was holding the shotgun when it discharged, hitting and killing Xxxx. All indications at this point are that the shooting was unintentional. Xxxx’x body was transported to Anchorage where on June 15, 2006 it underwent an autopsy by the State Medical Examiner's Office. Cause of death was determined to be a single shotgun wound to the face. Investigation into the incident is continuing.

    Alaska State Troopers would like to encourage gun owners to obtain and use gunlocks on all weapons when not in use. Free gunlocks are available through any Alaska State Trooper post.

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    Hunters Ed

    Longbow, when is the next class?


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      Next Class

      Here's the link to the Basic Hunter Education schedule:

      The next vacancies at the Rabbit Creek Range are on 25/26 July; in Fairbanks on 24 June; 20/21/22 July in Juneau; 19/20 June in Palmer; 24 June in Soldotna; and 8 July in Valdez.

      If your not close to one of these communites; contact F&G and I am sure they can help work something out for your area.


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        In the Schools

        The school I teach in (Mirror Lake Middle School) has an elective class titled Wilderness Studies. The students learn about various wildlife and such of Alaska, survival skills, and they take hunter's safety. The school teacher takes them through the whole program and then arranges a day with ADF&G to do the shooting part at Birchwood range on a Saturday. The kids that actually want the certificate go on that day for the final portion of the test.

        I mention this, because I think it has such great value and you may know a teacher at another school that would take an interest in teaching a similar course. Kids love the class and glean lots from it. It might be worth the time to put a word in to your local teachers or principal. I think this class should be more wide spread across our communities than it is.

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