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Wish me luck!

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  • Wish me luck!

    My wife and 12 year old granddaughter and me are going to the Caribou Hills for a few days of moose hunting. I am praying my granddaughter has a fun and safe trip. I know the moose population is low and the antler restrictions are tough and we will probably see many hunters, but some where out there is a little spike waiting to be found. I am excited!

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    Good Luck! Have fun with your family. Kids are what it's about!
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      I'm taking my wife and six year old out this year. I'm excited for them as I have shot lots of moose but my wife has not and my oldest sone has never been on a true hunting trip

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        Good luck finding that tasty spike although I'm sure that Grand kid will have a ball regardless!


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          Have fun in the Hills, Steve! Should be great weather. I'll be heading to the Haul Road for bou and my buddy's moose tag in a couple weeks. Stay safe and shoot straight.


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