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Black Bear hunt up the Placer River

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  • Black Bear hunt up the Placer River

    Looking at paddling up the Placer River from the mouth. I have heard the current in the delta of the river is pretty slow and relatively easy to paddle up. Has anyone ever done this? Has anyone ever hunted for black bear in that area? Have heard it can be fairly productive if you can get in there far enough.

    Any thoughts and input would be appreciated.

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    It's brushy as all get out up there, hard to see much. There are bears though. I've run it with a motor and I'll tell you it was a struggle with a 15hp with a jet on a 13ft semivee. Not sure how far you'll be able to paddle up. Good luck.


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      You should reach out to MainerinAK...he has ran some of that in his freighters.
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        I've been up it in a jet boat a couple years ago. I honestly don't think you'll get too far in a canoe, it flows fairly good once you're up out of the tide water. It's thick with alders along the river. The alders pretty much cover the whole valley from what I remember. You'd definitely want to get up river to to where the valley starts to narrow down some so you could minimize the amount of alder you have to climb through.


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          You will need to play the tides just right and even then you will not get far against the current. I have paddled my kayak upstream in what is named the Placer Overflow (now the main channel) and was not able to get more than about a mile. You might have better luck from the other parking lot?

          I spend a lot of time in the area for a different type of hunting and have only seen bear sign once and that was from a brown bear. However, I once saw a black bear along the Seward Hwy shoulder just past the Placer while driving back from the Kenai so they are around. I think you'd have much better luck driving farther south and hunting the hillsides. If you really want to float hunt the Placer ride the train into Spencer Glacier and float out via a raft or kayak. I'm not sure they allow canoes on the train though and there are additional AKRR restrictions to work around.

          It's a special draw area for moose.


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