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  • Coleen River Float Info

    Just wondering if anyone has an insight or helpful hints on the Coleen river. Heading out in a few weeks for a hunt. Looking for info on what weather temps to expect, fishing opportunities, etc. Any advice or info appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can't help you with the coleen but floated the Sheenjak (next river over) last year for 11 days...Fishing is great for grayling using small spinners and flies...river flow depends on precip but temps ranged from mid 20's to high 50's/low 60's...Frost some mornings and spectacular sunsets...We had the full range of weather during our trip...rain, high winds, sleet, snow, but gorgeous sunshine for most of it...Weather changed rapidly near the mountains...Driftwood seemed to be hard to start for campfires, but with diligence made nights memorably... I took a 6 wt flyrod and a spinning reel which both worked well...Hunting was fair to good...The sheenjak flow was slow with heavy braided areas...made some interesting navigation...GPS/Spot and SatPhone coverage is good...Only saw one other group until close to take out...Mostly flat terrain but some high spots available to glass and stalk from...

    No issues with bears while camping, saw wolf tracks on beach but did not see any...overall a great float trip...good luck...Take lots of pictures...


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      DKlaw cant PM you yet due to low post count. Email me at [email protected]. I have some info for ya.


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