Best all around gloves for 2 week bear hunt



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  • Best all around gloves for 2 week bear hunt

    Need advice from the experts again. Leaving in two weeks but could still improve on my gloves. THANKS!! I was going to get Kuiu Yukon gloves but they are backordered.

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    I carry two pairs, a pair of basic wool gloves and a pair if leather palmed gloves, I guess they look like mechanics gloves or neoprene backed work gloves maybe.

    Anyway I carry two pairs so I can alway be drying one since I've yet to find a glove that's actually water proof. I like the wool gloves because they stay warm even when drenched and they don't take much room/weight.

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      Where you will be will make a difference. In my area I consider a setoff leather gloves to be a necessity for getting through the devilsclub. I have a different set for staying warm, & a set of light rubber faced gloves for skinning & handling meat (better traction for the arthritic fingers. Grip isn't what it used to be.).
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        I've been using Marmot windproof uninsulated gloves (I think their present model is called Evolution) for years. They'll let your hands get soaked, but they remain warm enough due to their being windproof. I carry disposable gloves for skinning and haven't seen any need for more during either fall or spring hunts.
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