Wolves in the crags???



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  • Wolves in the crags???

    I just got back from caribou hunting and glassing the crags for sheep saw 4 wolves in the nastiest drainage. Has anyone else witnessed wolves claiming out he steepest mountain for sheep?

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    Not personally, but a thread posted recently refers to wolves decimating brooks sheep so they must?


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      On a sheep hunt in the wrangells in 2008 we found ton of wolf sign along with quite a sheep bone yard at the top of one of the nastiest pieces of craggy mountains.
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        A couple years ago my brother and I watched a team of three, calling them a team because of the way they worked the area . They would post one on either side of an out cropping covering the escape routes and the third would work its way out going back and fourth over the spine till he hit the cliff then they would move to the next one changing post. Watched this go on for close to an hour, very efficient in the way they worked. After watching them do this, it explained why we were not seeing sheep after seeing 11 rams 5 legal in that same area the year before.


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          Like any good hunter, Wolves hunt the ridge lines and mountain tops.

          The best Wolf Hunting is there.

          Caribou and Sheep both run uphill to the nearest hill to lose Wolves, and having a the advantage from above is what a hunters doing there in the first place, what ever that hunter is. Same places are great for finding the first Bear tracks in Spring, the big Guys have a good look and then descend on what they see.
          A couple wolves above and a couple comming up a ridge driving the Caribou up is an awsome hunt to watch, then , after all the Wolves have eaten, hunt them, they cant run fast or far at all, and shooting slow or stopping targets and not so long distance is easy

          When Winter's been hard, as it has, the survivors, the best Sheep or Caribou are in crappy shape, the rest are "Wolf bait"..... natures way of doing things. They have all been around doing this for thousands apon thousands of years, and none will disapear, just be low in #'s for awhile.

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            For years it's been pretty well known that the wolves have hammered the sheep on the Kenai......
            Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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