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    I would like to come up in a couple years to do a black bear archery hunt. I have a friend who outfitted on the penninsula for about 20 years and he tells me that i can fly into Anchorage rent a car and find bears fairly close by. they used to stalk them in the blueberry patches. This sounds right up my alley, or a POW hunt. Anyone have any advice to make this possible. thanks

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    jon- Your friend tells you right - there are plenty of bears within a 2 hour drive of Anchorage that can be stalked on berry patches, though it may require a bit of hiking. I spot them pretty regularly from the road, but the farther you're willing to walk, the better.

    I'm not sure what your friend told you as far as time frame, but hunting bears on berry patches is a fall pursuit. I'd say September is your best bet. They'll be eating berries in August, but the coats aren't as good and there are still some bears on salmon streams. October can be great as well, but then you'll be running into the risk of an early snow storm.

    Haven't hunted POW, but there are plenty here who have. I'm guessing a self-guided hunt out of Anchorage would be less expensive, though.



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      solo POW bear hunt

      I did a solo POW bear hunt out of Ketchikan using RdM Pilot as a transporter and had a GREAT hunt! Scored on a 6.5 ft. bear. The RdM guys are an excellent outfit and I would recommend them to all. My hunt consisted of being dropped off on POW with my own equipment and hunting by foot along the water edge. I saw 6 bears during my trip. The hard part was getting my bear back to camp... hiking four miles round trip, took me 3 trips and 12 hours!!


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        Add Cordova to your list for spring. It's more open in many areas than the road system out of Anchorage, plus there are a whole lot fewer people.
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          thanks guys

          thanks for the response and advice.


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            I assume your an experince hunt and have done your home work on Black Bears . A solo hunt then for blackies should be no problem for you.

            For me I like to go with a parnter who is slower then me, so all I have to do is out run him
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              KPYOUNG -
              I am looking to do a POW hunt next May with a friend...can you give me the details on the service you used?


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                POW services

                jetdriver21 I sent you a PM


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