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  • Kahahawai

    ANCHORAGE - A Wasilla man was rescued from a hunting trip gone bad in the Alaska Range Wednesday afternoon, after he suffered a severe arm injury in a fall.

    A Thursday AST dispatch says 49-year-old Charles Kahahawai’s injury near *******, ****** of Talkeetna, was reported to troopers at about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.

    “The caller reported Charles Kahahawai, age 49, of Wasilla, was sheep hunting when he fell during a water crossing,” troopers wrote. “Kahahawai was able to contact his family by satellite phone and inform them he had suffered a compound fracture to the shoulder during the fall.”

    In an email, AST spokesperson Megan Peters says the area Kahahawai was traversing played a role in his fall.

    “It was steep terrain on a mountainside in the area of the ******* drainage, which is on the north side of the Alaska Range,” Peters wrote. “He fell crossing a stream in the steep conditions.”

    Troopers relayed Kahahawai’s GPS coordinates to the 11th Air Force’s Rescue Coordination Center, which sent an HC-130 search plane and an HH-60 Pavehawk to pick him up.

    “At approximately (4:59 p.m.), RCC reported they located Kahahawai after a short search and transported him to Anchorage for treatment of his injuries,” troopers wrote.

    Some of you know Chuck personally, so please pass my well wishes to him and his family.

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    Man, very glad to hear that Chuck is OK and that they got him out quickly.


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      Thank you for letting us know. Wishing him the best.



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        Huge thanks to the 11AF RCC for doing what they do best. Chuck your a tough SOB, best wishes and a speedy recovery.
        We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities; in shops, offices, stores, banks anywhere that we may be placed


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          Wow glad to hear he was prepared and able to follow through!


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            Sorry to read this, but thankful kaha took precaution with the sat phone and emergency contingency.
            Hope for a speedy recovery.

            It can happen to anyone!
            Proud to be an American!


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              Glad to hear Chuck made it out, hopefully he has a speedy recovery so he can get back to the sheep hunting as soon as possible.
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                Glad to hear Chuck had the tools to make his rescue possible. I had a lot of respect for his skills before and even more so now.

                Hope you recover quickly, and get back in the mountains.


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                  I met him once. Seemed like a really nice guy. Glad he's okay and hope he recovers quickly.


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                    Originally posted by dkwarthog View Post
                    I had a lot of respect for his skills before and even more so now.
                    Well stated. The guy is at the top of the list of the mountain hunters whom I respect. Like you, even more so now.


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                      There are reasons I never consider hunting sheep solo. Being over 50 is one of them, but this case illustrates another. Wishing you a speedy recovery Chuck.


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                        All you can hope for with nature is a tie.Knowledge in this case is what kept the game close. Get well
                        Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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                          Speedy recovery to chuck. That god for sat phone & he wasn't hurt any worse considering he was alone


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                            Sad to hear about this, but so grateful to hear he was able to call for help and that the amazing rescue team was able to get there so fast and get him out. As others have already said, accidents can happen to anyone anywhere... Been there done that.

                            Chuck if you are reading this, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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                              Thanks guys...I'm back safe and sound, and got to come home with a nice double broomed ram to remember this adventure, got him sealed today. Lesson learned....lighten your pack load as much as possible when crossing glacier streams, a pack full of ram with quarters on the bone and your whole camp is not worth the strain. A dislocated shoulder and almost getting washed down the river wasn't worth it, sometimes my confidence level is a little too high, and when I'm alone and trying to rationalize situations it comes back and bites me.... thanks for all the well wishes, good luck, and be safe to all out there.


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