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Lost my Bomb Shelter tent and Day Pack Puritan crk/Glenn hwy area

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  • Lost my Bomb Shelter tent and Day Pack Puritan crk/Glenn hwy area

    Monday afternoon 8/11/2014, I was leaving the Puritan crk trailhead headed southbound on the Glenn hwy. I inadvertantly left my Bomb Shelter tent and additionally a black bag with a day pack and various other articles in it on top of my wheeler roof (I know stupid me). It was seen by numerous people and someone picked it up off the hwy. The only identifying article in the bag is my retainer case with "Valley Orthodontics" on it and possibly my name and a small tag on my Sitka day pack that has a "United States Triathlon Team" number and my name. Please, if you found this I would really appreciate it's return. I am offering a reward for it's return. I'm in the Palmer area but I will travel to get it.

    Ed Milbradt

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    Pushing this to the top...Hope whoever has found it, will return it to you.

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      Check with the police departments.
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