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  • Best everyday waterproof,leg zippered, bear hunting pants

    Just found out I won some cash in a benefit drawing. Need all the experts to give me some feedback as to what pants are the "best" for a Sept. grizzly hunt. I already have Impertechs for the real nasty stuff. What is best for everyday use regardless of $$. Thanks!!

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    I've found that "mountaineering" pants in tan or gray are the ticket for crawling through thickets. I have a pair by Arctyrx and another by Patagonia. They're snug fitting and stretchy but not overly. Combined with a quality gaiter they're an excellent hunting pant. Also, since they're designed for mountain climbers the leg zippers go well up the leg which makes for easy access to boot laces or for pulling up socks.

    Negatives: Not waterproof or thorn proof (rose thickets, salmon berry thickets, devil's club)

    If you get a pair without belt loops absolutely invest in suspenders
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      alottabs,>>> see attached, I've been wearing "Filson" since about 1970 +/-, if your looking for the toughest, and longest wearing hunting gear, that won't let you down, and even -("Save" your life, if need be)-, and money is "No" object, then look know further. This is "No" BS, do some googling, read some reviews, and check-out what I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed.!!!
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