Hike in Caribou From Glenn Hwy??



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  • Hike in Caribou From Glenn Hwy??

    I've got a tier tag for this weekend, and we usually head up to the Clearwater Controlled Use Area for some hiking and hunting, but this year my hunting partner has family coming and is short on time. We're looking for some closer options that might be worth our time.

    I've hiked the trails off Lake Louise Road, although have heard the 'bou are not that far yet.

    Are there any other Glenn Hwy hike in options that folks are willing to share?

    What is the story with that road between Gunsight and Eureka with the cabins to the hillside to the north? Can you drive in there and get to some spots to hike with a chance of early season Caribou?

    What about the other trails that head up the mountains this side of Eureka?

    Much appreciated, Will

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    Do you have a 4x4 truck, chains and know how to pick your way through the mud?
    If so I would go to Eureka and drive in on Old man trail and set up camp.


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      I believe your talking about bellinger pass. My dad was up there yesterday and saw one lone cow. Probably could he a mtn bike in there and out ok.
      Master guide 212


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        Cant seem to pm you e-mail me [email protected]


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