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  • globalstar

    So, anyone have any experience with globalstar phones in the Brooks range? I heard they put up some more satellites, but their coverage maps look like they stop below fairbanks.
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    I use Globalstar every year up there.

    They use to SUCK for service ANYWHERE, but now it is a lot better.

    Just don't plan on have instant service any time you want to make a call.

    I usually try a couple times & I get service.

    It is ALOT cheaper than the other Sat phone but you will have to deal with waiting or getting more elevation to get service.

    I am taking mine again this year.

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      While we have not used our GlobalStar system on the Brooks range, we do use it else where in the state. Yes the coverage has improved and we have had fewer issues getting a signal. We carry ours with us all of the time.


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