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  • Marmot Thor 3P Tent

    I know we all love our own gear, so take this with a grain of salt, but I really like this tent:

    I bought it some months ago with a bunch of Visa points that I had earned by going on business trips . etc Ö Iím taking it to Alaska for a September float hunt as our backup tent.

    I finally just set it up in the yard, and I am impressed with it. Even though I have not seen it survive serious conditions, I own and/or have used several other similar tents, and this one definitely appears to be the best expedition tent I have seen and set up first hand. I have never gotten to use any of the Hilleberg tents, so I canít comment on how they compare.

    It came with most everything, except that it came with 17 stakes, I ended up attaching all the guy lines I could (16), and it is now anchored by 16 stakes on the guy lines and another 21 on the tent and fly for a total of 37 stakes. I bought the extra ground cloth, and it is great in that it attaches to the tent, fly, and poles in 10 places. There are two stake loops at each tent corner, which I suppose is to make it extra secure. For moderate conditions, you could set it up with 17 stakes or fewer. I donít know exactly how long it would take me to set up the tent all by myself, because, this first time, I went fairly slow, and was tying on the guys lines, and the like. I probably would need about ten minutes to get it into moderate storm-defense mode by myself--less with someone else. And then another five or ten minutes to finish off the 37 guy lines.

    The thing uses six aluminum poles and is very strong. I canít imagine a tent being a whole lot stronger or wind resistant. I tried pushing down on the tent in the middle and really couldn't. It feels like I could lay on the top of the tent. I won't try that, but that's what it feels like. It weighs about 12lbs I think with all that stuff. It costs about $600 new, but you might be able to get one new for about $470:

    Stop here if you are bored by there are some pics and some comments below:

    A few outside views:

    With all the guy lines it looks like a ship moored at port.

    Next to a 4-ft ladder for scale:


    You can seal it up tight in a hurricane or blizzard, but open it up when its warm outside. You can unzip the other half on the right side too and open up the opposite side as well.

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    We have used one as our spike tent on Kodiak for several two week hunts. It has stood up to the 60 mph sideways rain/snow well and the vents were nice on the few warm days we had (70 deg. one april). The only thing we added were 4" bungee loops on the tie down cords like our Bombshelter.


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      Don't you know those expedition tents are TOO HEAVY!! You need an uber-lite tipi! Better "room to weight ratio"!

      Looks like a great bunker to me. I love my Hilleberg expedition tent. You've got me beat on stakes though. Mine uses 18.

      A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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        That looks like a great tent Snyd. I just bought the Marmot because I had access to Cabela's gift certificates with those extra points. If I could have spent that free money on a Hilleberg, I might have. Which one is that? Is it a 2-man? It looks like you were hiking in. I have different tents for that. Since this is a float hunt, a few extra pounds will just mostly be on backs of the raft/plane, not me. Guide has a Bombshelter we slept in last time as the primary tent. I'm just bringing that along as the backup, and maybe to test it for fun. Last time, we got just about 0.1" of rain in 10 days, which was weird and pleasant. It got into the 80s several times (in September in Unit 17B). I'm expecting a little more wet this time. Like I said, the Marmot only came with 17 stakes, but I was just curious if I guyed it out to the max, how many stakes would it use. in any event, I think it's a bigger tent than yours, and I won't be hiking it anytime soon, unless I have help. It's the first 3-man tent I own that really seems good for three. That would be about 4lbs per person. Probably more than ideal.


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          Ya, mines a 2 man. It's the Tarra. I looked hard at the 2 man Thor a few years back as well as the TNF Mountain 25.
          A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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            FWIW, I brought that tent on my hunt ( and, staked out in all 37 places, it did not budge and barely even flexed in 50-60mph winds with driving rain we got 9 days ago on Friday the 12th.


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