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    Hello all,

    I drew the above archery tag this year and am geting ready to start scouting. I'm wondering if anyone that has drawn the tag in the past has any info on the area. I live in Anchorage, but have never spent time in the eklutna area. I plan on taking a 4 wheeler along the lake road to get to where I will start hiking for the sheep. Thanks in advance for any info!
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    It's a great tag. Plan on camping high and using your glass. Excepting a few that cross over into adjacent rifle units in the East Fork, Peter's Creek and Hunter Creek these sheep are only bowhunted and then only lightly. Unlike rams in other, hard hunted areas they are tolerant of mild pressure and the being spooked so be patient. If you blow a stalk hold tight and wait for them to settle down as they most likely will after a while.

    You will probably see several full curl rams so if you do push a ram out of the valley in most cases he'll be back the next day. This is especially true for groups of rams.
    Get out of your bag early!!! There are well worn sheep trails up there. Find them during daylight and be up high in the rocks or tucked up to a boulder before 7am and glass, glass, glass. From my observation, the rams are up at first light and feeding towards their beds in the rocks. The'll be up again around 2-3 in the afternoon.

    Rams will also bed down in rock piles in valley floors up there so exit your tent carefully and move cautiously in places where rams are not supposed to be. I once spooked a respectable ram bedded maybe 50 feet from my tent. He was 15 feet above me in an old moraine pile and 30-40 feet back from the edge. I overslept that day and I scrambled up the scree next to my camp never expecting to see a sheep much less a full curl ram. I gained the top edge of the pile and stopped to take in the view. After 30 seconds of studying my planned path across the valley and up the mountain side to the big bench I wanted to hunt, the ram stood up from behind a boulder, looked at me for 5 or 6 seconds and bolted.

    Don't waste time staring at big groups of ewes and lambs--there won't be rams with them but do look at the surrounding slopes above the level of the ewes as there might be rams bedded/feeding in view.

    Have a black bear ticket in your pocket--there are some brutes in Eklutna

    Remember ATVs are Sunday to Wednesday only--no exceptions for tired sheep hunters with full packs who stumble down the mountain on a Thursday.

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      Hunted it before. Bold Peak will be packed with everyone trying to cash in on the first few days. I waited them out and within two days had the place to myself. Went on several stalks and had chances on some outstanding rams and I finally connected on a 36"X14" ram. Later on in the season rams seamed to flow out of the back country between Bold Peak and Hunter Creek. Next valley North towards Hunter Creek had some rams as well, but it is a hump. The bowl across the way at the head of Ekultna had sheep, but I never made it over to that country. Adjacent areas are rifle only so some sheep are pressured into the archery area. I scouted it by air before the season and saw two lone rams up in those bowls back in on the glacier, right side as you go up. You need big boy pants to hunt that country. Drove ATV's into the base of Bold Peak trail and stashed them. Sheep are there you just got to be patient and take your time. Oh lots of yummy ptarmigan to pick off as well. Good luck.


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