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  • Need Black/Brown Bear Hunt Help

    My wife and I have been planning and purchasing extra equipment for 2 hunts that have completely fallen apart because of business meetings which just came up for fall. Having said that I do have two weeks, separated out, in September, that I can work out. I would like to go out for either Black or Brown bear. I'm willing to drive pretty much anywhere, take a water taxi somewhere, hike whatever trails, etc, etc .... as long as the trip can be accomplished in a week. I have gear to pack in, camp and have a Pro Magnum Inflatable Canoe

    Ive looked at a water taxi out of Seward, I know the Kenai area is chalk full of bears, have looked at a couple well know trails down in the Kenai area and I live in the valley so you could say Im centrally located. I guess you could say I'm looking for some help to narrow the field considerably (emphasis on considerably ) since time is not on my side.

    Anyway, if you have any solid leads, secret spots, recommendations or coordinates (I know, not likely)..... feel free to PM me or post back here.

    I truly appreciate the help

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    Go to the top of the mountain to the west of Russian River, its full of black bears in the fall. There is no trail, its very thick and no one I know hunts it. You'll need to cross the Russian so take some waders.


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      Get one mountain away from the nearest road. Glass n watch the mountain hemlocks.
      Not sure, did i mention glassing?
      Yea, i did. Sit and glass.

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        You've got to learn to seperate "work" from "hunting season".
        If you can't, you'll never fill the freezer or the wall with pictures & hides.


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          Thanks for the insight (and advice). Limon32, that's pretty close to where I was originally thinking so thank you for the additional information and affirmation.


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            Two of the boars could have been taken with short stalks from the trail. The sow (white chest) had cubs, so she's a no go, but would've been 130 yard shot from the trail. The biggest boar was about a mile up and off the trail on the other side of the ravine. Tough climb but he was the biggest of the bunch (probably for that reason). It's pretty steep brushy country but logistically it's an easy one. Park the car, shoulder the pack, hike up 2500', set up camp, look around, pick one to shoot, walk some more, shoot, walk some more, you get idea........ I was kind of surprised to only see one guy with a rifle out there. He said his knee was bugging him so he opted out before putting in a stalk.

            My wife got charged by a black bear jogging on the Gird to Bird trail this morning. Her and the dog had a bit of a standoff with grumpy bear and things went fine. But I've tossed around the idea of taking the bow for a bike ride this September

            Good luck.


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              I'd pack that inflatable to lower Russian lake an just cruise the shore glassing the mtn sides....did I mention glassing? Ya, I did. Oh and don't forget to glass. A lot.
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                Crescent Lake

                For something quick, take on a flight to Crescent Lake down on the Kenai - save your legs for busting brush from shore to above tree line. Carry an inflatable and spotting scope. There is a camping spot just across the outlet from the FS cabin and I'm sure there may be some others. Or, hike up, but keep their number in case you shoot something. Similar options for other Kenai lakes


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                  I'll be back in Cooper Landing area from the 12th to the 26th of Sept chasing blackies, every year I see more and more.
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                    Do you have the finances to fly?
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