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  • Moose hunt kit

    The sheep hunt kit thread got me to thinking about moose hunting kits. I'm sure there are different kits for the different type of hunts. As a fairly new moose hunter (third season but first I was a non res so only a packer and last year I fractured my elbow during season) I'm curious as to what are considered must haves. I'm assembling my kit now and once I finish I can post my list. Not sure about weighing my kit since I don't have a scale.
    I think it would be nice to place your hunt them list your kit.
    Ex. Float hunt

    I'll get mine up soon.

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    my float hunt must have is a rope come-a-long


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      Read this old thread

      Then read this old thread


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        Happen to have my list sitting here. This is my list I have used the last couple of years for my 10 day float hunt. I pack two totes, a black one and a blue one..

        Black Tote-air pumps, rope, tool and patch kit, tarp, small grill (rack only), moose calls(magnet & bucket lid),duct tape, frame straps & extra fittings, bungi's,4ea propane, single burner stove, small fry pan, coffee pot, 2ea plastic bowels, plates, sporks and cups, med hatchet, bow saw.

        Blue tote- tarp, hand warmers, small rope, games bags, 2 small camp chairs, head lamps, gps, binos, knives, small dish soap & spunge, can opener, big zip locks, G bags, matches & lighters, Johny's, Tabasco, T. paper, Mountain House meals and other snacks, gun oil, camara, ammo, wipes, first aid, playing cards, contacts & glasses, pen & paper.

        Duffle bag- clothes, small tent, pads, s bag, waders, CROWN (hidden from my parteners!)

        Frame pack & gun

        Hope this helps! OBW, since I hunt the 15th-25th, no need for bug spray, head nets..


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          Originally posted by AK Ray View Post
          That's some good reading.


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            The biggest thing to pack with you is muscle in your sh-t, grins.

            Really all you need is stuff just like you would take on any other camping trip + your cutting tools and a way to haul out more than you brought in.


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              I now have ashort list-

              1 ton pickup truck (4 wheel drive nice)
              hoist- 7 1/2 to 9 feet
              reciever winch
              hunt kit with necessary field dressing tools and heart / liver bags
              pre-moistened disposable wipes
              towels - 2 (disposalable if need need)
              hip boots
              extra rope/cable for winch
              extra connectors for the extra cable
              pulleys - 2
              small trailer to load moose in whole

              And the absolute MUST HAVE---- a current moose tag

              Hope this helps,
              Disabled Vet


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