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  • Fairbanks to Happy Valley

    We have 3 of us looking to get from Fairbanks to Happy Valley. We would really like to find someone who would be willing to drive us up on the morning of Aug 15 and be back in Fairbanks on the night of the 23rd. We will be flying out of Happy Valley to do a Bou hunt and our charter still has one spot open. If someone is interested please let me know. Or if you have any suggestions on getting up there. Thanks.

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    I'm not sure if you have looked into the rental stuff or not, but there are options to rent. My buddy and I did the trip up to Happy Valley a couple of years ago.

    These guys rent 4 door pickups and are great to work with. They rent for the haul road, so they have pretty good trucks to make the trek.


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      I'd suggest finding a local (AK resident) and paying for gas and maybe splitting half of his fight costs between the rest of the hunting party for use of his truck. Depending on time in the field, it could be cheaper to do the above than rent the truck to include days in the field AND gas.



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        What time is your scheduled flight out of Happy Valley? I might be able to get you there, but not back.

        You are going to have a hard time coordinating your trip back on the 23rd - what if you are weathered in for a day or two or three? You want somebody to hang around and wait for you?


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          Milo, I sure appreciate the offer, but I think we have it figured out now, thanks for the offer though. We ended up renting from one of the Haul Road rental places. We'll be spending more this way, but it seems like the only logical option at this point. If I could have done it over I would have asked earlier and offered to pay a portion of someone's charter and have them drive.


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            Who did you rent from and can you share what the rates will run (in a PM if necessary)? I am pretty sure that GoNorth has been booked up for quite a while as I had to push my trip to September due to rental limitations.


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              For future reference, if you can get up there thumbing a ride back to town is pretty easy. You just can't be in a hurry. I even have first hand knowledge of a broke-ass truck being hauled back to town for a very nominal fee.


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