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    Hey fellas,

    my wife and I just moved to anchorage from Oklahoma. We're 27 years old with 0 kids, both of us are nurses. We are fairly new to the big game hunting scene, we've both shot whitetail deer and pronghorn. We are huge waterfowl hunters back home in Oklahoma. I do have my first outfitted big game hunt planned for this fall, I am headed to Kyrgyzstan to shoot a mid asian ibex in August. I've already been hiking some of the local trails to get ready. I Look forward to meeting some of guys.

    Dexter Grayson

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    Welcome to the forum!
    The search feature will be your friend in learning a lot about Alaska hunting.
    Then you can ask the questions to fill in the blanks.
    Lots of good info on these forums including a lot that has already been discussed.
    "The closer I get to nature the farther I am from idiots"

    "Fishing and Hunting are only an addiction if you're trying to quit"


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