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  • Ruger M77 Tang Style Safety Questions

    Just traded a buddy a savage axis 30-06 for his 30-06 m77. I feel like I got the better deal, but he wanted the trade, so I did it. I cleaned it (it was disgusting), and put itall back together. Grouping was about 1 1/2". I noticed it has never been glass bedded, and does not have a free floating barrel. I was thinking of ordering a nice bush's stock, after it looks like he used the current stock as a hammer quite a few times. I have read mixed reviews on free floating the old m77s and curious on your guys thoughts. It seems like everyone recommends glass bedding, which I will do, but more curious on the free floating, and how to adjust the trigger. It seems that all over the internet it says its adjustable trigger but no place tells you how. Thanks!
    I'm prolly out using my bow or 30-30

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    Sorry, I am moving this to the shooting section, thanks.
    I'm prolly out using my bow or 30-30


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      drop in a Timmeny trigger. that's the easiest way.

      most of the "old Style" I have dealt with have behaved better with forearm pressure, rather than free floating.

      good luck, and let us know how you did in the trade



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        I had my Ruger trigger worked on by my gunsmith. It breaks crisp now, at around 3.5 pounds. Still not as good as the two jewel triggers I have, but WAY better than the factory triggers on my REM 700, Marlin Lever and Rem 750. I did not know there was a drop in option. I will do more research and see if I can improve the trigger to Jewel/Timmeey standards.

        My brother has a savage 30-06 Shoots lights out. I like the rugers for the safety and control round feed. The action is a little clunky I think, but fine really.

        Ya, let us know how the gun does with the forend pressure.


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          If you cannot improve your factory trigger to your expectations, I have a new in the package Timney for tang safety Rugers that I will sell.
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            I recently had a Ruger Hawkeye Safari in .375 Ruger free floated and it now shoots close to one hole groups. I've also heard that the Rugers need forearm pressure but I think it depends on the rifle. I have several Rugers that aren't free floated and they shoot ok. If I wasn't happy with the accuracy, I'd try free floating.
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              Originally posted by Doug in Alaska View Post
              If I wasn't happy with the accuracy, I'd try free floating.
              Agree. If accuracy doesn't improve, you can full length glass bed it.

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