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Anyone have any opionons on Nomar Fleece products

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  • Anyone have any opionons on Nomar Fleece products

    Looking to get some quality fleece wear items and remembered guiding a gentleman in the Scapegoat Wilderness ( MT. ) that had a pair of pants made by Nomar and he liked them ....So just seeing if anyone else has any comments....

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    We have been using their products for around 20 years and they have held up well for us. They also make custom garments to your specs. Not sure what the lead time is this time of year for the custom stuff but it was only a couple weeks in the late fall. Hope this helps.


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      Hello,,,, well FWIW, I've used their-[Nomar]- product as well, but I've switched to King-of-the-Mountain Wool, and haven't looked back.
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        I'd highly recommend any of Nomar's products.
        Their products hold up very well and last a long time.


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          Was in there store the other day....looked like pretty much polar tec fabrics. From fleece to wind bloc materials. They got a nice line of garments but prices are pretty spendy.....again looked like polar tec fabric. If your looking for something custom & out of the ordinary might be your thing


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            I run around in Rivers West H2p fleece, and Nomar carries their fleece. It's not a polar tec product afaik. I'm looking at having some custom pieces made by them. Looks nice.


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