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moose hunting opportunities with a small jet skiff??

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  • moose hunting opportunities with a small jet skiff??

    Where would one go with a 16' jet sled to start looking for a meat moose?
    Not looking for your honey hole, just in the ballpark....we have been in alaska for 16 yearsvand i have yet to connect on a moose.
    We would be driving up from Haines with truck and sled.
    Feel free to box is empty.

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    I would start with a river or a lake! haha. With that thing it should be easy to scout. You will most likely be making many trips before even a small moose is out so keep the distance and fuel in mind.


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      There are so many people with the exact same setup on the road system I don't think it's going to get you anywhere others aren't already.

      I would suggest putting in for the tags around turnagain next year.

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        Rossco, I assume you will be driving in on the Alaska Hiway. Get out the reg book, a new one will be available July 1, and start going over the different units you will be driving thru. Call and talk to the various unit bio's and get their ideas on where to hunt.
        I spent a lot of time last winter filling a Delta Bison permit in unit 20D. From both flying and hunting that unit, I would say there is a very healthy moose population there. You could use your boat on the Tanana R. there I suspect.
        Good luck.
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          Well I feel kinda silly. I was thinking for some reason ( late and a few beers) that you were talking about one of the new aluminum jet skis. Oops.


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