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  • Brown bear hunt?

    Thinking about booking a brown bear hunt out of Bethel Alaska in fall 2015. Looking at Wade Renfros Alaskan adventures. Any thoughts on this area or outfitter. Quality of the hunt, size and number of bears, or any information in general. This would be my first Alaskan experience although I have hunted extensively in the Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, Ontario and Manitoba. Most of my hunting has been whitetails, but also elk, moose, and black bear. This would be the most expensive trip by far and will stretch the budget for years so don't want to make a mistake.
    By the way I have followed this forum daily for months and enjoy the reading the threads and feel I have gained some useful information by doing so. So be kind to a first time poster.

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    Your Looking at a great Outfitter !!! a guy I know guides for them, goes by the username "ninefoot" here on the forum, and as an AK resident, and talking to people that know of them and one person that hunted with them their service is superb !!! they are straight up and honest, and will tell you what your in for, from what I've seen on an episode from Cabelas outdoor adventures, The area their hunting is what makes it !!! plus, they will work hard to put you on the right bear too, and not just any bear. IMO they have the traits of a good quality outfit. Good Luck.


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      Good people good country good bears.
      Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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