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Heading up to Hatcher's Pass this Thur/Fri

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  • Heading up to Hatcher's Pass this Thur/Fri

    Are there any special rules/concerns about the area I should be aware of. I've poured over the hunting regulations book and website, but never know when you miss something.

    I bought a Leupold sighting scope sx 1 ventana that I'm looking forward to using.

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    It might depend on what you are planning to do up there. What are you hunting?

    Here is a link to some information from DNR regarding hunting and a few specific restrictions in that area. Some areas are restricted to no shooting within 1/4 mile of a road/developed area. Other areas such as right around the mine are closed to hunting. Look through the "hunting/fishing" section.


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      Totally brain farted on that, plan on hunting black/brown bear


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        After looking at that link you provided, we are leaving tomorrow night, so we might only have the chance to hike a few miles in the first night. So maybe hike to the Lane hut, thoughts?


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          If you're on a state trail, no discharge of firearms within 1/4 mile. Check state park regulations about discharge near structures. That can be a very long way in steep terrain.


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            do more research on the forum and go to a better spot. Not much game up in that area as its been over hunted for years. If you want to see pretty country and have a nice hike, go for it. If your remotely interested in seeing game, try elsewhere.
            Take a youngster out when you go, it will change his/her life forever!!


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