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    Hello Everyone!
    Just joined this site. Heard it was the "go to" for info on all things outdoor Alaska! Just moved up here in September of last year. I have been aching to get the Matthews out and go after some Black Bear. I am not one of those guys who just ups and goes and tears up everything along the way shooting at the first thing he sees. I was raised to be an ethical hunter/conservationists and I will carry that with me til the day I am long gone and will strive every day to pass it on to my newborn son! I try to get as much information as I can before I go out on any trip. That being said, I have tried to talk to as many people I can about where to go, who to talk to, etc, etc. Being a spouse on base its kinda hard to get away from that "army dude" assumption that we are just up here to be so called "slobs." Trust me I am long removed from that , but I do support my wife in everything she does as I was once in the service myself. I know the opportunities are out there but I also understand information is sometimes hard to come by. Just wondering if anyone had some valuable information that may help. I run my own business, "The Wooden Beard Woodworking", and would gladly trade some handmade furniture and such for some gratuitous help for tracking down some black bears!

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    I'm slammed over the next few weeks, but if you'd like to get together later in the summer and talk about fall bear opportunities, I'd be happy to sit down with you over a cup of coffee or pint of beer.


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      Absolutely would love too. I really appreciate that!


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        Could I join in on this conversation when it happens. I just started hunting and trying to soak up all the info I can.


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          Think about flying…

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          I'd think about flying in guys. If you really wanna kill a bear…..
          There are some really affordable black bear hunts and you can't believe how much fun. (gas for 5 unsuccessful trips to the Kenai?)
          We did a short one a couple days ago. Saw 16 on the short flight in. Probably a dozen on the mountain directly above camp that night. We killed a couple the next morning and home for lunch. Two over 6'. Didn't really get "opportunity" to climb after one either.
          So much fun!!

          Just saying……its a pretty good option
          These are the most relaxing hunts. Fun stuff.

          Did I mention; FUN?


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            Any links to get some more info on fly in hunts?

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              Meekins, grasshopper, blue ice, weidekuer all good bets.
              Me and my wife run air taxi so I'm biased.
              Prob neighborhood of $750pp. Maybe more maybe less?
              -Depends on where. Alot of times guys are flying in diff parts of state so just call around.
              May not get anyone first try.
              -Remember to allow for wx days on each end.
              -Think about stalks.....lots of great bear areas are thick enough you can't effectively/efficiently stalk.
              -There was a guy from tx posted here earlier that had a kenai air taxi taking them somewhere down on kenai on floats.
              Sounded good too.
              -Just my quick thoughts....
              U can pm if u need more. Like to see our military/vets out gettin it done!
              Sit down and pick Brian's brain.


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