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    Originally posted by Brian M View Post
    Black bear - Look high in September and October in the Kenai Mountains. There are loads of bears down there, and they should be in the alpine feeding on blueberries. It is a lung-busting hunt, but good odds at getting multiple stalks in. Super tasty meat when they're on the berries.

    Caribou - Consider driving up the Haul Road (Dalton Highway). There is a huge amount of information on this hunt on the bowhunting forum. If you have your bow certification, hunt from 1-3 miles off the road and you'll have plenty of elbow room. If not, make careful plans and go out the required five miles. From late August through all of September you should have good odds of a great hunt.

    Moose - No great recommendations on that one. I'm a terrible moose hunter, and much like sheep, when folks find reasonably productive moose spots, they tend to keep it close to the chest. Seriously, though...I'm darn near clueless on predictably successful moose areas.

    Thank you sir! I'll start scoping around the Kenai Mountains and reading about the haul road hunt. The way you feel about Moose, I feel about all the game here at this point. Ha!


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      If you intend to float hunt the Placer for bears I would concentrate on the upper section around the lake. I have floated this river just for fun (not bear hunting). The lower section has very limited visibility due to thick alders although the ponds can produce waterfowl and the side streams can hold silvers in early September. There are better options farther down the peninsula.


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