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    I have an August fly in caribou hunt scheduled for 6 guys and the second vehicle has fallen through. I know there has been some talk of rental places like GoNorth that rent trucks for the Haul Road but they are full. Any other ideas or has anyone used a U-Haul van. I have heard of some people using a U-Haul but is it covered under their insurance or do you just rent it and head up there anyway? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Best bet is to start calling the rental places in Fairbanks. Many places won't rent if you are running north on the Haul Road. Too many options for damage.

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      Airport rentals rents trucks in deadhorse


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        most hunters dont offer where they're heading, and hope for the best in terms of damage. it's the cheapest option out of fairbanls.


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          Airport/ mag tag/ delta leasing are your only choices.
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