Any Bull permit DM 210/Airboat drop off??



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  • Any Bull permit DM 210/Airboat drop off??

    Greetings all,
    I drew any an bull permit DM 210 for the Twentymile River/Placer River areas near Portage Glacier. Its been years since I've been on those rivers and I understand that there is not much water to navigate a river boat up . I'm told its mainly airboats and canoes used now. Anyone with any experience in this hunt area recently? Can a river boat get up 20 Mile or Placer? And is there anyone or a business that does for a drop off/pick up only via AIR BOAT that I could possibly hire? Any help/ideas/information is greatly appreciated.

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    Hunted it 3 years ago, the Placer River. Call the AK railroad and get the price for a drop by the river. 2 places I know of. i have pics of the area I can send you. My place was on a sand bar and we could see across the entire valley. You need to carry an 8 ft tall step ladder to glass. Just shoot the moose and float down to the mouth in a raft.
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      Jet boats run both rivers frequently..
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