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Patience test, as good as they get,... the 5 yard, bow killed Bull

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  • Patience test, as good as they get,... the 5 yard, bow killed Bull

    thought of all you guys with this one,... (hopefully it's not an old one for you)
    well worth watching again if it is,...

    What a stare down contest,...
    and check out the exhalation at 2:18,... wow

    (PS: sorry for the late start link, have no idea how that happened, start it again I guess)
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    That hunter is a pretty cool customer holding it together for that long. Awesome Video.
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      It makes my back muscles ache just watching it! Had a bull elk do that to me once and I was sitting on a log and I held so long I let the bottom limb rest against my leg as a brace and when I shot the pulley wrapped my loose skin up, hurt like all get out but at 3 yards I still had enough arrow penetration to do the job. I was pulling 75lbs and in 1986 there was not much let-off! Had a nasty looking bruise for weeks...
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        Serious nerves of steel! Well done.


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          I was thinking more on line of Serious LARGE Gonads. Looked like the hunter was going to get Mounted...........

          Originally posted by AKBEE View Post
          Serious nerves of steel! Well done.
          " Prepping for Survival, is to be able to segregate, what you think will happen, from what you hope will happen, from what you fear will happen, from what is happening".


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              That's a great video, and I've watched it several times in the past.

              I had a big bull looking like he would walk by me at 15 yards for a perfect shot. Instead, he did the wrong thing and walked behind me. The brush was thick and he diverted...right toward me. I shot from a knee, upward into the chest with my longbow canted close to horizontal. The shot was broadside and a hair over 5 yards. We both blew air and I watched him thunder off...spin out...crash. I think I tremored for a minute.


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                I was impressed when I saw the video the other night and even though they talk about how good the hit was, I wondered if they recovered that bull. Usually when they find the downed animal they are more than happy to show lots of footage of the dead animal but in this video nothing but the shot.



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                  Watch the around the mouth of the moose at 2:17.
                  I have no doubt they found the bull with that much blood coming out!


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