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Heading up the Dalton / Haul, current report?

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  • Heading up the Dalton / Haul, current report?

    Hey All, heading up to hunt the road next week with a buddy for late season caribou. We are taking our bows if we see any Bou on the way up, plan on skiing out of the corridor and setting up camp north of the Brooks range for rifles.
    - Any small herds seen lately by anyone?
    - Anyone been through Atigun Pass lately? Road conditions there? Last time I was up was late August.
    - Bear coming out yet up there yet?


    Not looking for everyone's secret spots, we are going to our usual area north, just wanting to know of any current reports.
    Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post to thread.

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    check the bowhunting forum, theres a haul road report thread with the most current reports


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      Thanks for the info.


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        galbrith lake

        there is a few herds about 5 miles north coming off the hills up on the right side, hard to spot so go slow and glass they are very skidish we went up for three days and struck out. I was the only one to shoot at one it missed by 2 inches, lots of sign that they have been south of the pass here recently, I would give it until june when they is a plethora of bou to kill! Good luck though man they are there just very weary eatting all the likin they can find.
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