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  • hunting opportunities near anchorage

    Hello, this is my first post but I can't even begin to count the hours of searching and reading this forum, pretty much check a couple of times a day to read new posts, I like the switch in format I might add, a bit more user friendly,,,,,and can still access the archives!!(pics too)

    I'm finally planning a hunt for next year, I go up every fall to visit, usually 10-15 days, to visit family and fish. Been doing that for many years.

    Well, will be up again this mid aug for 15 days, and hold a hunting license I would like to use, (not lucky in any of the draws)

    I was wondering if any hunting opportunities exist right around Anchorage, I'm pretty much open to anything,,,,,,,just would like to get in the field a couple of days, I will have access to a 4 wheel drive but thats it.

    Any thoughts, please realize, (from following the forum) that I'm not looking for "x" place or anything, but maybe some general thoughts, or possibilities,,,,please email or post if you think you could help me out. I will try to do the same if anyone is interested in Colorado hunting or fishing.

    Thanks for your time!!

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    One area that isnt a secret is Hope for black bear. Pretty decent amount of bears and alot of people but luckily they are for the most part lazy and wait for the bears to cross the road. I dont know how many times I've climbed those hills, there pretty steep. havent connected with a bear out of hope yet but they are there. If your willing to climb they are there.


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      Take a look at the regs, on the units close to Anchorage, decide what you wish to hunt that will be in season, during your stay and I will try to hook you up when repost this info. I would otherwise be fumbling around trying to give you info on every possibility, and not be focused on what you really want to do.
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        I had looked a bit, after a closer look at mainly 14a and 14b, really what would be avaliable is black bear and moose,,,,,,,,,,and I guess there is always small game......

        It may not work out, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.


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